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The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, 2 Volume Set

ISBN 9781444392548
REGISTERED: 12/09/18
UPDATED: 12/05/19

Gregory revived monasticism in southeastern Georgia, especially in Tao- Klarjeti. Born in the 8th century into the family of one of the rulers of Kartli, Gregory was ordained priest at an early age and was prepared for episcopacy. However, he ...

  • ISBN bar code 9781444392548 ξ1 registered September 23 2015
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With a combination of essay-length and short entries written by ateam of leading religious experts, the two-volumeEncyclopedia of Eastern Orthodoxy offers the mostcomprehensive guide to the cultural and intellectual world ofEastern Orthodox Christianity available in English today. An outstanding reference work providing the first Englishlanguage multi-volume account of the key historical, liturgical,doctrinal features of Eastern Orthodoxy, including theNon-Chalcedonian churches Explores of the major traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy indetail, including the Armenian, Byzantine, Coptic, Ethiopic,Slavic, Romanian, Syriac churches Uniquely comprehensive, it is edited by one of the leadingscholars in the field and provides authoritative but accessiblearticles by a range of top international academics and Orthodoxfigures Spans the period from Late Antiquity to the present,encompassing subjects including history, theology, liturgy,monasticism, sacramentology, canon law, philosophy, folk culture,architecture, archaeology, martyrology, hagiography, all alongsidea large and generously detailed prosopography Structured alphabetically and topically cross-indexed, withentries ranging from 100 to 6,000 words

    ^ (2010). The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, 2 Volume Set (revised Dec 2015)

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