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The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook

ISBN 9781440502347
REGISTERED: 08/06/19
UPDATED: 12/03/20
The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook
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Think a rice cooker is just for rice? Think again! While it's true that a rice cooker can save time when cooking rice, you can also cook hundreds of dishes in a rice cooker--and author and food blogger Hui Leng Tay can show you how

  • The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook available on November 07 2016 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">15.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781440502347 ξ2 registered March 28 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9781440502347 ξ1 registered September 23 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 9781440502347

Inside you'll discover how to cook 300 delicious and versatile meals in your rice cooker, including:Mini Indonesian Potato Cakes Coconut Chicken SoupSeafood CongeeSpicy Italian Sausage PastaGarlic-Infused Glass Noodles with Tiger ShrimpSweet Corn PancakesToasted Pita PizzaFrom breakfast porridges to noodle entrees, this cookbook has it all. Whether you're looking for new ways to utilize your trusty ol' rice cooker or experiencing this resourceful appliance for the first time, you will delight in these recipes for Asian favorites, American comfort food, and more!

    ^ (2010). The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook (revised Dec 2015)
    ^ The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook VitalSource. (revised Nov 2016)

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