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The Burning Spear

ISBN 9781421809663
REGISTERED: 01/22/18
UPDATED: 07/04/20
The Burning Spear

In the year -- there dwelt on Hampstead Heath a small thin gentleman of fifty-eight, gentle disposition, and independent means, whose wits had become somewhat addled from reading the writings and speeches of public men

  • The Burning Spear available on October 07 2017 from Indigo for 36.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781421809663 ξ1 registered October 07 2017
  • Product category is Book

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The castle which, like every Englishman, he inhabited was embedded in lilac bushes and laburnums, and was attached to another castle, embedded, in deference to our national dislike of uniformity, in acacias and laurustinus. Our gentleman, whose name was John Lavender, had until the days of the Great War passed one of those curious existences are sometimes to be met with, in doing harm to nobody. He had been brought up to the Bar, but like most barristers had never practised, and had spent his time among animals and the wisdom of the past. At the period in which this record opens he owned a young female sheep-dog called Blink, with beautiful eyes obscured by hair; and was attended to by a thin and energetic housekeeper, in his estimation above all weakness, whose name was Marian Petty, and by her husband, his chauffeur, whose name was Joe.

    ^ The Burning Spear Indigo. (revised Oct 2017)

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