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Margaret Cho - Assassin

ISBN 9781417228836
REGISTERED: 12/10/18
UPDATED: 12/16/19
Margaret Cho - Assassin

Margaret Cho - Assassin

  • Margaret Cho - Assassin available on July 08 2018 from Amazon for 8.00
  • ISBN bar code 9781417228836 ξ1 registered July 08 2018
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by KOCH VISION

  • Product weight is 0.25 lbs.
Cutting-edge comedienne Margaret Cho fashioned an entirely new act for her Assassin tour in 2005. This film is from the Washington, DC, stop on the tour, with Cho working through her usual brand of hard-hitting political comment and amusing routines about religion, the media, and anything else that has swerved dangerously close to her radar. In an hour and a half Cho manages to get the crowd laugh Margaret Cho returns to the concert stage with a "killer" one-woman show that has taken audiences by storm. Filmed live at the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C., Assassin features a fresh dose of Margaret’s ground-breaking and controversial brand of humor. Taking aim at the Bush administration and the religious right, she pulls no punches in her assault on the "ever devolving" state of the union. The result is an unforgettable performance featuring Margaret at her raw, irreverent and hilarious best. Margaret Cho gives new meaning to the phrase "blue states" with this typically profane and provocative concert performance that takes dead aim at all things right-wing. Recorded in May 2005, in enemy territory (Washington, D.C.), Assassin is a timely state of the dis-union, as Cho weighs in on gay marriage, the pope, Terry Schiavo, Abu Ghraib, sexual politics, and other hot-button topics. Cho may see herself as a comic assassin, but she is no sniper taking potshots from the cover of the grassy knoll. She puts herself out there. She tells a mostly unprintable story about how she was unwittingly tapped to perform for a group of Republican hotel owners. ("They didn't know who they were getting," she recalls. "It was the worst blind date ever."). The nation is so polarized between left and right, Cho laments, but she doesn't exactly help matters much with statements such as "These Christian groups have lost their minds" and "If you're not a feminist you should kill yourself," or her comment on the red states/blue states map: "That's convenient. Now we have a color-coded map to where all the stupid people are." While not as accessible as I'm the One That I Want, Assassin is less preachy than Cho's more recent concert films. But it is no less impassioned, and she is more than willing to answer the rallying cry of her fiercely devoted fans who, she riffs at one point, seem to look to her like some Asian superhero: "Margaret--do something!" --Donald Liebenson

    ^ (2005). Margaret Cho - Assassin, Koch Vision. Amazon. (revised Jul 2018)

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