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Blackbook: Graffiti Sketchbook

  • Blackbook : Graffiti Sketchbook available on May 20 2015 from ECampus for 9.31
  • Blackbook: Graffiti Sketchbook available on February 08 2015 from Amazon for 6.85
  • ISBN bar code 9781402767067 ξ1 registered July 21 2013
  • ISBN bar code 9781402767067 ξ2 registered February 08 2015
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Sterling
  • 9781402767067
  • # 9781402767067N

  • Product weight is 2.08 lbs.
With its vibrant colors, personal point of view, and brilliantly complex designs, graffiti has finally won recognition as an art form. And, like all artists, graffitists need a place to plot out their ideas. Building on our successful line of bound sketchbooks, this blank volume is aimed at the hip, young artists (and those aspiring to be) in the burgeoning field of graffiti art. Containing plain pages as well as a graph paper insert, it resembles the hardcover blackbook thats standard must-have equipment for these cutting-edge painters. Not only will it be where they painstakingly draft their designs, but artists will use it for written notes, pasted-in photos and source material, and an all-in-one portfolio for their very best work.

    ^ (2013). Blackbook : Graffiti Sketchbook ECampus. (revised May 2015)
    ^ Blackbook: Graffiti Sketchbook, Sterling. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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...and they were exactly right, it's a great book for the price. No complaints. Would love to see a spiral-bound version.
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i was very pleased with this product. For any of you looking for a good black book, i'd suggest this one. its a fairly good size too, so lots of room to draw things in detail. plus the pages dont bleed to the page below it with like, a heavy ink sharpie. Plus its a hard cover so u know it'll hold up for a while. i love the part on the front where u can put ur tag name on there. very cool =) over all i'd recommend it to keep ur graff art in, and organized. It definitely comes in handy
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I never write reviews and especially for such a Basic, Plain and low priced item, but this desereves mentioning .I feel obligated since owningNUMEROUS styles and sizes of Sketch books, Black books or"Peace' books "because thats what we find when working in them" for over 20 years.My Library of over 30 Books contains everything from ellaborate art, Psychobabbe journal entries, Years worth of Stickers to Pasted articles..In fact, currently I have 3 other books all being worked on at the same time..So yes..I f..
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