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Joint Capabilities For Post-conflict Operations

ISBN 9781244040052
REGISTERED: 12/07/17
UPDATED: 01/26/21
Joint Capabilities For Post-conflict Operations
Victory is determined not only by what happens during a period of conflict but also by what happens after the fighting ends, during post-conflict operations

  • Joint Capabilities For Post-conflict Operations available on June 05 2015 from Indigo for 90.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781244040052 ξ1 registered June 05 2015
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This monograph examines what joint military capabilities are required for post-conflict operations in order to achieve the desired end state. Post-conflict operations consist of a complex and challenging set of tasks involving the military as well as other government agencies and multinational partners. Understanding the nature and dynamics of post-conflict operations is a prerequisite for determining those tasks. In many regards the factors that affect post-conflict operations differ significantly from those that influence conflict. Those factors translate into specific post-conflict tasks and functions. The capabilities that lead to success during conflict are not necessarily the same as those required for success during the post-conflict period. This capabilities gap represents deficiencies across the spectrum of DOTMLP-F (Doctrine, Organizations, Training, Material, Leader development, Personnel and Facilities). A historical perspective provides valuable insight into understanding the nature and dynamics of post-conflict operations. The lessons learned from previous involvement in specific post-conflict operations are essential for developing considerations that apply to most post-conflict operations. This monograph analyzes Operation ECLIPSE (post-World War II occupation of Germany) and the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan), Operations BLACKLIST and the post-World War II reconstruction of Japan, Operation JUST CAUSE (Panama), Operation DESERT STORM (Kuwait and Iraq), Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY (Haiti), and operations in the Balkans region. Post-conflict functions and tasks derived from historical analysis provide a basis for comparison against current capabilities and help determine future requirements. Detailed examination of present doctrine and organization concludes that the United States mili

    ^ Joint Capabilities For Post-conflict Operations Indigo. (revised Jun 2015)

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