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Elements Of Plumbing

ISBN 9781153789097
REGISTERED: 05/02/20
UPDATED: 10/22/20
Elements Of Plumbing

Excerpt: ...and Sanitary Drainage with Sewage Disposal in View The accompanying drawing of storm and sanitary drains should be studied in detail by the reader

  • Elements Of Plumbing available on April 25 2018 from Indigo for 27.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781153789097 ξ1 registered April 25 2018
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The location of each trap and fitting should be studied carefully and the reason that it is put in that particular place should be thoroughly understood. Below, each plan has been taken and gone over in detail, bringing out the reasons for fittings and traps, also the arrangement of the piping. Fig. 46. The first thing to note in Fig. 46 is the number and kinds of fixtures to be drained. There is in the basement a set of three-part wash trays. This will require a 2-inch waste and a 1 1 ? 2 -inch vent. There is in the drawing a 2-inch waste extending to the fixtures above. On the same line is a rain leader with a trap showing also a 4-inch floor drain. There are two 4-inch rain leaders on the opposite corners of the plan, in the rear of the building. There is a 4-inch soil stack for fixtures above and a 4-inch soil stack in the basement on the same line for a basement toilet. On the front there are rain leaders in each corner. These will be connected outside of the house trap (this feature should be noted). The outlets that are to discharge into the house drain are as follows: Two 4-inch rain leaders. 87 One 2-inch sink waste. One 2-inch wash tray waste. One 4-inch floor drain. One 4-inch soil pipe. One 4-inch closet connection. Two 4-inch front rain leaders to discharge into house sewer. If we were to install this job, we would first locate each pipe that enters the house drain. The lowest outlet would be particularly noted, in this case the 4-inch floor drain. From this drain we must make sure that at least 1 ? 4 inch to the foot fall is secured. We must then locate the house sewer where it enters the foundation wall, then the work can be started. I will not attempt to list the material that is necessary for this work, at this time. With all the material at hand the house drain is started....

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