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Volpone; Or, The Fox

ISBN 9781153731966
REGISTERED: 11/19/17
UPDATED: 10/20/19
Volpone; Or, The Fox
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Excerpt: ...prepared, Expecting how thou''lt bid them flow- MOS: Nay, ''Pray you, sir! She will consider

  • Volpone; Or, The Fox available on August 14 2015 from Indigo for 31.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781153731966 ξ1 registered August 14 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978115373196

CEL: Would my life would serve To satisfy- CORV: S''death! if she would but speak to him, And save my reputation, it were somewhat; But spightfully to affect my utter ruin! MOS: Ay, now you have put your fortune in her hands. Why i''faith, it is her modesty, I must quit her. If you were absent, she would be more coming; I know it: and dare undertake for her. What woman can before her husband? ''pray you, Let us depart, and leave her here. CORV: Sweet Celia, Thou may''st redeem all, yet; I''ll say no more: If not, esteem yourself as lost,-Nay, stay there. SHUTS THE DOOR, AND EXIT WITH MOSCA. CEL: O God, and his good angels! whither, whither, Is shame fled human breasts? that with such ease, Men dare put off your honours, and their own? Is that, which ever was a cause of life, Now placed beneath the basest circumstance, And modesty an exile made, for money? VOLP: Ay, in Corvino, and such earth-fed minds, LEAPING FROM HIS COUCH. That never tasted the true heaven of love. Assure thee, Celia, he that would sell thee, Only for hope of gain, and that uncertain, He would have sold his part of Paradise For ready money, had he met a cope-man. Why art thou mazed to see me thus revived? Rather applaud thy beauty''s miracle; ''Tis thy great work: that hath, not now alone, But sundry times raised me, in several shapes, And, but this morning, like a mountebank; To see thee at thy window: ay, before I would have left my practice, for thy love, In varying figures, I would have contended With the blue Proteus, or the horned flood. Now art thou welcome. CEL: Sir! VOLP: Nay, fly me not. Nor let thy false imagination That I was bed-rid, make thee think I am so: Thou shalt not find it. I am, now, as fresh, As hot, as high, and in as jovial plight, As when, in that so celebrated scene, At recitation of our comedy, For entertainment of the great Valois, I acted young Antinous; and...

    ^ Volpone; Or, The Fox Indigo. (revised Aug 2015)

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