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The Emperor

ISBN 9781153701266
REGISTERED: 01/18/18
UPDATED: 02/16/20
The Emperor

Excerpt: ...then, interrupted Sabina and she shivered as she spoke

  • The Emperor available on June 09 2015 from Indigo for 20.95
  • ISBN bar code 9781153701266 ξ1 registered June 09 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978115370126

Then, still you will be to me the same that you are now; but to be sure, to be sure-the temples of the gods would be empty if mortals had nothing left to wish for. Ah! no. Then they would bring thank-offerings to the divinity, cried Verus, and he looked up at the Empress; but she turned away from his smiling glance and exclaimed in a tone of reproof and alarm: No playing with words, no empty speeches or rash jesting! in the name of all the gods, not at this time! For this hour, this night is among its fellows what a hallowed temple is among other buildings-what the fervent sun is among the other lights of heaven. You know not how I feel, nay, I hardly know myself. Not now, not now, one lightly-spoken word! Verus gazed at Sabina with growing astonishment. She had always been kinder to him than to any one else in the world and he felt bound to her by all the ties of gratitude and the sweet memories of childhood. Even as a boy, out of all his playfellows he was the only one who, far from fearing her had clung to her. But to-night! who had ever seen Sabina in such a mood? Was this the harsh bitter woman whose heart seemed filled with gall, whose tongue cut like a dagger every one against whom she used it? Was this Sabina who no doubt was kindly disposed towards him but who loved no one else, not even herself? Did he see rightly, or was he under some delusion? Tears, genuine, honest, unaffected tears filled her eyes as she went on: Here I he, a poor sickly woman, sensitive in body and in soul as if I were covered with wounds. Every movement, and even the gaze and the voice of most of my fellow-creatures is a pain to me. I am old, much older than you think and so wretched, so wretched, none of you can imagine how wretched. I was never happy as a child, never as a girl, and as a wife-merciful gods!-every kind word that Hadrian has ever vouchsafed me I have paid for with a thousand...

    ^ The Emperor Indigo. (revised Jun 2015)

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