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  • Iphone For Dummies available on July 06 2022 from BiggerBooks for 16.45
  • Iphone For Dummies available on April 26 2018 from Indigo for 29.99
  • Iphone For Dummies Iphone For Dummies 9 available on February 11 2017 from Newegg for 25.18
  • iPhone For Dummies available on October 23 2016 from Amazon for 12.18
  • ISBN bar code 9781119137771 ξ1 registered July 06 2022
  • ISBN bar code 9781119137771 ξ2 registered June 08 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9781119137771 ξ3 registered June 20 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9781119137771 ξ4 registered June 08 2016
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This book has the step-by-step guidance you need to learn how to use your phone''s many features and functions. Newly updated to cover both the latest features you''ll find on the 6s and 6s Plus as well as perennial iPhone features that you''ll find on all recent models, this revised text provides you with straightforward, yet fun instructions, tips, and advice to guide you in taking advantage of all that the iPhone''s technology has to offer. You first get started with your iPhone by exploring its settings and features. Then you dive into specific topics that accumulate in a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate your new phone, such as using the multi-touch interface, synching your data, using iCloud, making phone calls, using FaceTime, taking photos and videos, and more. Since June of 2007, Apple has sold more than 500 million iPhones. The success of the iPhone is largely due to the technology that powers it—and it''s important that you understand how to use this technology to navigate your phone (and get every penny''s worth of functionality out of it). Explore the basics of your new iPhone, from using the interface to organizing your schedule Discover multi-media capabilities of your phone, such as the ability to surf the web, watch videos, listen to music, etc. Keep your data organized and at your fingertips through iCloud and data synchronization Find and add the apps that make your iPhone your sidekick for all you do in a day iPhone For Dummies, 9th Edition, revised and ready to guide you through the latest technologies, is the perfect resource when you''re ready to conquer your new or older iPhone''s many features.

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An excellent "how to" book which truly starts with the very basics. If you are a "dummy," then this is the book for you. It starts with the assumption that the reader knows very little about the iPhone, then progresses to more difficult concepts. I started knowing nothing about the iPhone, but now after reading this book, feel quite competent.
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