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The Csi Facility Management Practice Guide

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  • The Csi Facility Management Practice Guide available on November 08 2022 from BiggerBooks for 32.96
  • The Csi Facility Management Practice Guide available on August 15 2015 from Indigo for 88.0
  • ISBN bar code 9781118028926 ξ1 registered November 08 2022
  • ISBN bar code 9781118028926 ξ2 registered August 15 2015
  • Product category is Book

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The CSI Facility Management Practice Guide covers each and every one of the countless activities involved in full-lifecycle facilities management. After a building''s completion, facilities managers need to know FM industry best practices for effective operation, building maintenance, renovation, and construction assessment. This book is great for easily referencing the processes top professionals use to manage residential, government, and commercial structures everywhere.Quality procedural documentation is crucial for building managers at every stage of the facility lifecycle. The CSI Facility Management Practice Guide emphasizes documentation standards, so you can ensure that all processes are transparent and that management information is delivered as needed. Plus, add-on resources make it easy to track projects from start to finish.Gain access to a password-protected website with a wealth of bonus contentDownload copies of CSI format documents, such as Uniformat and Sectionformat/PageformatRetrieve the guide''s complete content online in PDF format, so you can reference best practices on the goRead comprehensive coverage of the latest environmental concerns and how they affect facilities managementThroughout the construction industry, CSI is known for its rigorous standards and its library of must-know information. The success of a building is determined by how well it''s managed and, with The CSI Facility Management Practice Guide, the science and art of building management is finally contained in the pages of a single volume.

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    ^ The Csi Facility Management Practice Guide Indigo. (revised Aug 2015)

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