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Prophetic Etiquette

ISBN 9780884196754
REGISTERED: 03/27/18
UPDATED: 12/05/23
Prophetic Etiquette
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Prophetic Etiquette

  • Prophetic Etiquette available on June 26 2015 from Buy for 122.00
  • ISBN bar code 9780884196754 ξ1 registered June 26 2015
  • Product category is Book

Though it's possible for the Holy Spirit to speak prophetically through any believer, this book targets the Christian with the gift of prophecy who wants to use that gift as God intended, as an advocate of the believers and not as an adversary. Sullivant shares how to deal with prophecies that do not require a response from those receiving the word, as well as how to guard against the abuse when a prophecy does require action or change on the part of the hearers. Using clear examples of what not to do, Sullivant mixes clear, practical guidelines with a thoughtful study of love, integrity and humility as they apply to the use of a prophetic gift.

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