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Grieving A Suicide

ISBN 9780830875412
REGISTERED: 04/23/18
UPDATED: 12/05/20
Grieving A Suicide

A 2003 Finalist in the United Kingdom Christian Book Awards!Every seventeen minutes, someone in the United States dies by suicide

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It is one of the most serious public health crises of modern times, claiming over one million lives worldwide every year.Those who have lost a loved one to suicide experience tremendous shock and trauma, with a confusing mix of emotions--anger, guilt, grief and despair. Suicide also raises heartrending questions: Why did this happen? Why didn't we see it coming? Many also wonder if those who choose suicide are doomed to an eternity separated from God and loved ones. Some may even start asking whether life is worth living at all.After his father's death by suicide, Albert Hsu wrestled with the intense emotional and spiritual questions surrounding suicide. While acknowledging that there are no easy answers, Hsu draws on the resources of the Christian faith to point suicide survivors to the God who offers comfort in our grief and hope for the future.If you have lost a loved one to suicide or provide pastoral care to those left behind, this book is an essential companion for the journey toward healing.

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