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A Jigsaw Guide To Making Sense Of The World

ISBN 9780830866588
REGISTERED: 09/26/17
UPDATED: 08/20/18
A Jigsaw Guide To Making Sense Of The World
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Puzzled about life?Sometimes the world doesn't make sense

  • A Jigsaw Guide To Making Sense Of The World available on May 02 2016 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">12.99
  • ISBN bar code 9780830866588 ξ1 registered May 02 2016
  • Product category is Book

  • # 9780830866588

Things seem random and disconnected, and we wonder if there's any purpose to it all, any meaning to our lives. But what if everything could make sense? What if the pieces actually do fit together?Alex McLellan says that figuring out life is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. You don't have to have every piece in place before you start to see the big picture. You just need enough important pieces to fit together. There are enough clues in the universe and in human experience to discern that there is an underlying order and significance to all things.McLellan explores competing views of truth and belief and examines the nature of doubt. Ultimately Christianity is reasonable because it resonates with how we see and experience the world. Even if we don't have absolute certainty, we have enough to go on to have confidence in the Christian worldview.You don't have to have all the answers. Just start putting the pieces together, and the big picture will emerge.

    ^ A Jigsaw Guide To Making Sense Of The World VitalSource. (revised May 2016)

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