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Genome Stability: Dna Repair And Recombination

ISBN 9780815344858
REGISTERED: 12/08/18
UPDATED: 12/14/19

Genome Stability: DNA Repair and Recombinationdescribes the various mechanisms of repairing DNA damage by recombination, most notably the repair of chromosomal breaks

  • Genome Stability: Dna Repair And Recombination available on March 04 2016 from Indigo for 207.5
  • ISBN bar code 9780815344858 ξ1 registered March 04 2016
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978081534485

The text presents a definitive history of the evolution of molecular models of DNA repair, emphasizing current research. The book introduces the central players in recombination. An overview of the four major pathways of homologous recombinational repair is followed by a description of the several mechanisms of nonhomologous end-joining. Designed as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a molecular biology and genetics background, researchers and practitioners, especially in cancer biology, will also appreciate the book as a reference.

    ^ Genome Stability: Dna Repair And Recombination Indigo. (revised Mar 2016)

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