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ISBN 9780814650400
REGISTERED: 11/14/18
UPDATED: 10/22/20
The central thesis underlying this study of Genesis is that the God who is revealed as a character in Genesis is always a savior

  • Genesis available on October 22 2020 from Indigo for 62.5
  • ISBN bar code 9780814650400 ξ2 registered July 05 2015
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In Genesis, David Cotter, O.S.B., helps readers discern a structure in the book whereby the least and the weakest are the object of God''s saving help. Genesis begins with an introduction to the methodology that is used throughout the book. The introductory essay deals with the theory of Hebrew narrative and the challenges posed to biblical exegesis by contemporary literary theory. The theme of the commentary itself is that the God who is revealed as a character in Genesis is always a savior. This is true in the Stories About Beginnings (Genesis 1-11) and the Stories About the Troubled Family Chosen for Blessing (Genesis 12-50). The Egyptian slave Hagar, not Abraham, is read as the central figure of the family''s first generation and Tamar, the cast-off daughter-in-law as the moral center of the fourth generation. God is savior above all for those whose need is greatest.

    ^ Genesis by David W. Cotter (2005, Hardcover) (revised Apr 2015)
    ^ Genesis Indigo. (revised Oct 2020)

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