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The Prison Library Primer

ISBN 9780810867437
REGISTERED: 11/02/17
UPDATED: 07/21/18

By Brenda Vogel PRINTISBN: 9780810854031 E-TEXT ISBN: 9780810867437 Edition: 0

  • The Prison Library Primer (ebook) available on July 06 2018 from VitalSource for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">103.5
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While the U.S. prison industry has embraced a massive reentry movement emphasizing literacy and job readiness for former felons, prison libraries have been ignored as potential sources for reintegration. In The Prison Library Primer: A Program for the Twenty-First Century, Brenda Vogel addresses the unique challenges facing the prison librarian.This practical guide to operating and promoting a correctional library focuses on the basic priorities: collection development; location, space planning, and furnishing suggestions; information on court decisions and legislation affecting prisoners' rights. This volume also includes an information-skills training curriculum, sample administration policies, essential digital and print sources, and community support resources. Equipped with practical library science tools and creative solutions, The Prison Library Primer is an invaluable resource that will help the librarian and library advocate develop, grow, and maintain an effective, user-centered library program.

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