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Frontier Passages: Ethnopolitics and the Rise of Chinese Communism, 1921-1945

ISBN 9780804749602
REGISTERED: 11/12/17
UPDATED: 10/25/21

Demchugdongrub, Demuchukedonglupu Zishu; Neimenggu Wenshi Ziliao, Di Shisan Ji (Autobiography of Demchugdongrub; vol. 13 of the Inner Mongolian literary and historical materials) (Huhhot: Neimenggu Wenshi Shudian, 1984), 1- 15;...

  • ISBN bar code 9780804749602 ξ1 registered September 21 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9780804749602 ξ2 registered August 06 2012
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In this pathbreaking book, Xiaoyuan Liu establishes the ways in which the history of the Chinese Communist Party was, from the Yan’an period onward, intertwined with the ethnopolitics of the Chinese “periphery.” As a Han-dominated party, the CCP had to adapt to an inhospitable political environment, particularly among the Hui (Muslims) of northwest China and the Mongols of Inner Mongolia. Based on a careful examination of CCP and Soviet Comintern documents only recently available, Liu’s study shows why the CCP found itself unable to follow the Russian Bolshevik precedent by inciting separatism among the non-Han peoples as a stratagem for gaining national power. Rather than swallowing Marxist-Leninist dogma on “the nationalities question,” the CCP took a position closer to that of the Kuomintang, stressing the inclusiveness of the Han-dominated Chinese nation, “Zhongua Minzu.”

    ^ (2015). Frontier Passages: Ethnopolitics and the Rise of Chinese Communism, 1921-1945 (revised Nov 2015)
    ^ (2012). 9780804749602, Stanford University Press. Wiki. (revised Jan 2014)

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