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Technical Mathematics with Calculus

ISBN 9780766861893
REGISTERED: 01/13/18
UPDATED: 12/04/20

The voltage drop £ in a wire varies directly as its length / and the current /, and inversely as the square of its diameter d. 6. The inductance of a solenoid L varies directly as the square of the number of turns of the coil N and the cross-sectional ...

  • ISBN bar code 9780766861893 ξ1 registered September 21 2015
  • Product category is Book

This version of Technical Mathematics with Calculus, 3E includes formal calculus concepts that are comprehensive in scope to help students prepare for technical, engineering technology, or scientific careers. Thorough coverage of precalculus topics provides a solid base for the presentation of more formal calculus concepts later in the book. This edition retains its easy-to-understand writing style and offers myriad application-oriented exercises and examples that will help students learn to use mathematics and technology in situations related to their future work. A companion web page has additional material for both faculty and students. Benefits: * 12 projects are interspersed throughout and integrate topics from various chapters, giving opportunities for students to get involved in comprehensive group work ? not currently offered in any other technical mathematics book * calculus-specific coverage includes derivatives, integrals, transcendental functions, parametric equations, vectors, polar coordinates, differential equations, and numerical methods and Laplace transforms * integrated calculator usage and all related discussions are up to date to reflect changes in calculator technology, with new calculator screen captures providing visuals for further clarification * more than 1,400 examples and 9,000 exercises -- many of which are application-oriented -- provide opportunities for solving problems and practicing what has been learned, while allowing the use of mathematics in situations like those to be encountered on the job * the companion web page contains additional projects, sample tests, student solutions, directions for using spreadsheets and different models of calculators, and PowerPoint materials

    ^ (2015). Technical Mathematics with Calculus (revised Oct 2015)

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