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It's Not Just Gym Anymore: Teaching Secondary School Students How To Be Active For Life

ISBN 9780736001274
REGISTERED: 09/26/17
UPDATED: 08/17/18
It's Not Just Gym Anymore: Teaching Secondary School Students How To Be Active For Life

Learn how to get kids more involved in their physical education classes-and how to get them to stay active beyond high school! In It's Not Just Gym Anymore, national high school physical education teacher of the year Bane McCracken shows you how to develop a program that prepares students to be physically active after they graduate

  • It's Not Just Gym Anymore: Teaching Secondary School Students How To Be Active For Life available on February 18 2015 from Indigo for 40.95
  • ISBN bar code 9780736001274 ξ1 registered February 18 2015
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  • # 978073600127

Just as kids wonder how they'll use certain academic skills later in life, they may also question how physical education activities, such as learning to play volleyball, will help them after they leave school. The approach in this book doesn't just help students recognize and learn physical skills and understand why physical activity and fitness are important. It also keeps them motivated by showing them that they don't have to be athletic to be fit and by presenting more diverse activities that they can continue to enjoy as adults. Helping students make the transition from active students to active adults is the element that's missing from too many traditional physical education programs, but it's at the heart of the revolution that's being touted as the new PE-programs that are results-oriented and valued as relevant to the needs of today's society. It's Not Just Gym Anymore is divided into two parts. In Part I, the author provides a theoretical basis and practical strategies for developing a new PE program. As a highly successful teacher himself, McCracken shares his insights in a personal, encouraging manner that teachers can really relate to. He explains how to -examine what motivates people in the community to stay fit; -determine what local and regional resources are available; -design courses according to the needs of students; -develop cross-curricular activity plans that reinforce basic skills and concepts, using hands-on technology to enhance students' knowledge and motivation; -integrate computers and the Internet into physical education classes; -use appropriate teaching styles to reach all students; -develop a critical-thinking portfolio system of assessment that enables students to be more active; and -promote physical activity throughout the school and the community by offering field trips, fairs, coordinated curriculum events, and family nights. Part II contains helpful tools that make the program easy to implement-including 170 sample lesson plans and 118 reproducible forms that teachers can photocopy for use in class or use as examples for developing their own forms. The lesson plans cover not only traditional activities such as basketball and volleyball, but also nontraditional activities, including outdoor adventure, mountain biking, fly-fishing, bow hunting, hiking, orienteering, and downhill skiing. Physical education programs can be more than just gym class. This book shows new and experienced physical education teachers how their programs can become a valued part of the school curriculum and achieve the ultimate goal of preparing students for a lifetime of activity and good health.

    ^ It's Not Just Gym Anymore: Teaching Secondary School Students How To Be Active For Life Indigo. (revised Feb 2015)

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