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Supernatural Pennines

ISBN 9780709068266
REGISTERED: 12/07/17
UPDATED: 01/19/21
Supernatural Pennines

Since ancient times the moors and valleys within the Pennine hills have been fertile ground for strange phenomena

  • Supernatural Pennines available on July 26 2015 from Indigo for 38.95
  • ISBN bar code 9780709068266 ξ1 registered July 26 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978070906826

Supernatural Pennines relates over 100 of these inexplicable case histories which have come to light through regional surveys and in-depth examinations. We learn of the stretch of the Yorkshire/Lancashire border which has a record number of claims of alien abduction and where odd lights in the sky are so frequently observed that it is known as UFO Alley. There are cases of poltergeist-inducing rain, humming noises emerging from the ground, big cats roaming ghost-like through the peaks, ice bombs raining on houses from clear skies, mysterious burns to the skin, the extinguishing of street lights, and even flying dinosaurs.

    ^ Supernatural Pennines Indigo. (revised Jul 2015)

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