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Tort Reform, Plaintiffs' Lawyers, And Access To Justice

ISBN 9780700620739
REGISTERED: 11/17/17
UPDATED: 10/15/19
Tort Reform, Plaintiffs' Lawyers, And Access To Justice
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Tort Reform, Plaintiffs' Lawyers, and Access to Justice Binding: Hardcover Publisher: Univ Pr of Kansas Publish Date: 2015/06/05 Synopsis: "Tort reform is a favorite cause for many business leaders and right-leaning politicians, who contend that out-of-control lawsuits throttle growth and inflate costs, particularly in healthcare

  • Tort Reform, Plaintiffs' Lawyers, And Access To Justice available on February 04 2017 from NeweggBusiness for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">54.51
  • ISBN bar code 9780700620739 ξ1 registered February 04 2017
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Less is said about how such reforms might affect the abilityof individuals to recover damages for injuries suffered through another party's negligence. On that count, Texas--where efforts at tort reform have been energetic and successful--provides an opportunity to appraise the outcome for plaintiffs and their lawyers, an opportunity that Stephen Daniels and Joanne Martin take full advantage of in this timely and provocative work. Because much of the action on tort reform takes place on the state level, a look at the experience of Texas, a large and important state wit...

    ^ Tort Reform, Plaintiffs' Lawyers, And Access To Justice, Univ Pr of Kansas. NeweggBusiness. (revised Feb 2017)

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