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Friction: An Ethnography Of Global Connection

A wheel turns because of its encounter with the surface of the road; spinning in the air it goes nowhere

  • Friction: An Ethnography Of Global Connection available on June 19 2018 from Indigo for 36.95
  • Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection available on February 24 2015 from Amazon for 24.58
  • ISBN bar code 9780691120652 ξ1 registered June 19 2018
  • ISBN bar code 9780691120652 ξ2 registered February 24 2015
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Princeton University Press

  • # 978069112065

  • Product weight is 1.05 lbs.
Rubbing two sticks together produces heat and light; one stick alone is just a stick. In both cases, it is friction that produces movement, action, effect. Challenging the widespread view that globalization invariably signifies a clash of cultures, anthropologist Anna Tsing here develops friction in its place as a metaphor for the diverse and conflicting social interactions that make up our contemporary world. She focuses on one particular zone of awkward engagement--the rainforests of Indonesia--where in the 1980s and the 1990s capitalist interests increasingly reshaped the landscape not so much through corporate design as through awkward chains of legal and illegal entrepreneurs that wrested the land from previous claimants, creating resources for distant markets. In response, environmental movements arose to defend the rainforests and the communities of people who live in them. Not confined to a village, a province, or a nation, the social drama of the Indonesian rainforest includes local and national environmentalists, international science, North American investors, advocates for Brazilian rubber tappers, UN funding agencies, mountaineers, village elders, and urban students, among others--all combining in unpredictable, messy misunderstandings, but misunderstandings that sometimes work out. Providing a portfolio of methods to study global interconnections, Tsing shows how curious and creative cultural differences are in the grip of worldly encounter, and how much is overlooked in contemporary theories of the global.

    ^ Friction: An Ethnography Of Global Connection Indigo. (revised Jun 2018)
    ^ Friction: An Ethnography of Global Connection, Princeton University Press. Amazon. (revised Feb 2015)

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