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The Serbs

ISBN 9780631204718
REGISTERED: 04/23/18
UPDATED: 10/27/20
The Serbs

The Serbs

  • The Serbs available on March 13 2016 from Amazon for 22.00
  • ISBN bar code 9780631204718 ξ3 registered March 13 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9780631204718 ξ4 registered March 13 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9780631204718 ξ2 registered April 03 2012
  • ISBN bar code 9780631204718 ξ1 registered April 03 2012
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Wiley-Blackwell

  • Product weight is 1.42 lbs.
ISBN13: 9780631204718 Condition: New Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold! This sweeping history of the Serbian people starts with the settlement of the Slavs on the Balkan Peninsula in the seventh century and ends with the dissolution of Yugoslavia at the end of the twentieth century. A comprehensive survey of the development of the Serbian nation. Provides the background history of the Serbs, essential to understanding their current situation. Traces the history of the Serbian people from the seventh through to the late twentieth century. Focuses on the process of integration and disintegration which have characterised Serbian history. Pays detailed attention to socio-economic history.

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   This book was written as overview of history of Serbs, it is not intended as ultimate word on it. And that was clearly stated in it as well. Author is a great historian Sima Cirkovic, who died last year. Highly recommended if you are interested to understand Serbs.
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