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The Nights Of August

ISBN 9780595817238
REGISTERED: 12/13/17
UPDATED: 10/31/20
The Nights Of August
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With a dying man''s words, the end of the world began on the last day of July 2004. On June 11, 2004, six priceless antiques were stolen while on display at the Brown University Museum

  • The Nights Of August available on July 30 2015 from Indigo for 41.5
    • ISBN bar code 9780595817238 ξ1 registered July 30 2015
    • Product category is Book

    • # 978059581723

    The pieces were distributed on the black market to dealers and collectors throughout New England. One piece, known only as The Book of Gazeba, holds the key to a mystery as old as time itself. Dating back more than two thousand years, the five separate and distinct works composing the book are believed to have been dictated by Satan and intended to frame a response and alternative to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Only when brought together and read as one could the Book of Gazeba''s awesome powers be unleashed. The Nights of August is the story of The Book of Gazeba, written by Satan, scattered by the hand of God, and found in the summer of 2004. It''s also the story of a handful of men and women who at first refused to believe and later refused to bow.

      ^ The Nights Of August Indigo. (revised Jul 2015)

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