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Forbidden Fruit

ISBN 9780595326877
REGISTERED: 05/01/18
UPDATED: 12/01/21
Forbidden Fruit

Their moments were brief Like a leaf''s descent to Earth Or the feel of a butterfly in your hand But each second together Was one of beauty Made of the sweet essence From which souls feed

  • Forbidden Fruit available on November 27 2017 from Indigo for 20.95
    • ISBN bar code 9780595326877 ξ1 registered May 31 2019
    • ISBN bar code 9780595326877 ξ2 registered March 24 2017
    • Product category is Book

    • # 978059532687

    With Earth, Moon and Stars looking on as a silent audience, a young man grabs the hands of chance in the cover of Night; cross every invisible boundary; following a melody to the song in his heart as he finds Love in the arms of a Slave... A love forbidden, but sweet as an apple newborn; a taste making the heart and hope bloom. Forbidden Fruit takes you to a time with no name. Takes you into the hearts of two men as their paths cross. Different like Sun and Moon they are, entwined in treads of love weaved by Fate. Some people seek to block the path; does not listen to Fate''s voice... But what happens when it becomes a question of Life and Death? Will the two ever be able to walk side by side, greeting Love and Freedom together? Will they get the chance to taste Life''s sweetness finally, in the shape of a smooth, round fruit?

      ^ Forbidden Fruit by Sara Christiansen (2004, Paperback) (revised Jun 2019)
      ^ Forbidden Fruit Indigo. (revised Nov 2017)

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