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Distributed Cognition Aimed at the Heart: Faculty Motivation and Service Learning

ISBN 9780549612476
REGISTERED: 11/18/17
UPDATED: 10/14/19

Michael J. Hanrahan. “Involvement in reflective activities moved students to link the personal and the academic” (Eyer and Gibbs, p.173). Studies reported by Eyler and Giles (1999) have supported the notion that the quality of the instruction is...

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This study evaluated how the introduction of a Web-based database and Web site affected faculty attitudes regarding the implementation of Service-Learning into their curriculum as compared to the effects of working with a face-to-face Service-Learning coordinator. The study first identified faculty who were engaged and not engaged in Service-Learning, sought out underlying themes in their attitudes regarding both Service-Learning and the functions of a Service-Learning coordinator, and then introduced a database and Web site regarding Service-Learning. After the resources were introduced, the study assessed their knowledge and attitudes regarding these resources as compared to a face-to-face Service-Learning coordinator. Finally, faculty members were asked what could be added to a data-base and Web site to increase the motivational factors and remove barriers to the implementation of Service-Learning in the curriculum. The study found that key barriers to implementation included unawareness of community projects, unavailability of time to implement, and that Service-Learning did not always fit with learning goals. Providing models of syllabi, curriculum, forms, schedules, and testimonials from faculty and students were seen as being features to add to motivate faculty when using a Web site. A Web site was found to be a sufficient way to off load institutional memory but was not seen as an adequate way to provide emotional encouragement. Most faculty members felt hand-holding and emotional support could only be provided face-to-face by a Service-Learning coordinator.

    ^ (2015). Distributed Cognition Aimed at the Heart: Faculty Motivation and Service Learning (revised Nov 2015)

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