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Objecting To God

Objecting to God Binding: Paperback Publisher: Cambridge Univ Pr Publish Date: 2011/09/30 Synopsis: "The growth of science and a correspondingly scientific way of looking at evidence have for the last three centuries slowly been gaining ground over religious explanations of the cosmos and mankind's place in it

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  • ISBN bar code 9780521186650 ξ1 registered July 21 2013
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However, not only is secularism now underrenewed attack from religious fundamentalism, but it has also been widely claimed that the scientific evidence itself points strongly to a universe deliberately fine-tuned for life to evolve in it. In addition, certain aspects of human life, like consciousness and the ability to recognise the existence of universal moral standards, seem completely resistant to evolutionary explanation. In this book Colin Howson analyses in detail the evidence which is claimed to support belief in God's existence and argues tha...

    ^ (2013). Objecting to God ECampus. (revised Nov 2016)
    ^ Objecting To God, Cambridge Univ Pr. NeweggBusiness. (revised Oct 2016)

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