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Medical Botany: Plants Affecting Human Health

ISBN 9780471628828
REGISTERED: 12/08/17
UPDATED: 06/20/21

This new edition has been completely updated, but retains the extensive research and the well-written background of the original. It will be a valued resource through the rest of my professional career.

  • ISBN bar code 9780471628828 ξ1 registered September 21 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9780471628828 ξ2 registered February 01 2015
  • Product category is Book

Provides, through examples, an understanding of the world.s traditional pharmacopeias and how research is affording ways to authenticate their value for use in complementary and alternative medicines and as the basis for the development of new therapies and pharmaceutical agents. It combines scientific information in human physiology, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, and ethnobotany, and intertwines these data with a variety of colorful stories and anecdotes from Socrates. fatal use of hemlock to the evolution of such pharmaceuticals as digitalis, taxol, and lovastatin and botanicals, including Echinacea, Ginkgo, St. John.s wort, and ginseng. It is a valuable text for students of pharmacology, botany, medicine, and biology, and an indispensable tool for professionals in medicine, pharmacology, and botany, as well as an informative resource for patients and everyone interested in plants and their potential for human health.

    ^ (2003). Medical Botany: Plants Affecting Human Health (revised Oct 2015)
    ^ Medical Botany : Plants Affecting Human Health by Memory P. F. Elvin-Lewis and Walter H. Lewis (2003, Hardcover, Revised) (revised Mar 2015)

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