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If You Build It Will They Come? : Three Steps to Test and Validate Any Market Opportunity

ISBN 9780470563632
REGISTERED: 02/10/18
UPDATED: 11/22/19

  • If You Build It Will They Come? : Three Steps to Test and Validate Any Market Opportunity available on April 13 2015 from ECampus for 21.21
  • ISBN bar code 9780470563632 ξ1 registered July 21 2013
  • Product category is Book

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Praise for IF YOU BUILD IT WILL THEY COME? 'This book will force any entrepreneur or intrapreneur to take a brutally honest look at their planned product development and launch—before it's too late.'—Curt Jackson, Director, Global Technology & Capital Management, Toppan Photomasks, Inc. 'Taking an idea or product to market is expensive and prone to failure. When we had to reconstruct our business, we rigorously adhered to Rob Adams's Market Validation process to test our new ideas. We avoided organization-killing mistakes and created products and services that our clients need, value, and are willing to pay for. The process outlined in this book will save you immeasurable amounts of time, money, and wasted effort.'—Eliza Evans, President and CEO, InCenter 'Whether you're sitting in your garage trying to be the next Google, or trying to extend your Fortune 1000 company's product line, this book will show you how to develop products that customers actually want.'—Mark McLain, CEO and cofounder, Sailpoint 'Lots of people launch new products; few earn meaningful revenues. What do those few have in common? The clear focus and discipline it takes to excel at something truly difficult. If You Build It Will They Come? lays out the not-so-obvious basics of market-focused product development and launches.'—Bruce Roberson, retired director, McKinsey & Company 'I've been helping companies for twenty years with the kinds of Market Validation programs described in If You Build It, Will They Come? Adams understands the power of market guidance and the practical aspects of collecting market input. This book will give you a competitive advantage during the product design phase, when it has the most impact, while avoiding costly mistakes.'—Peter Simon, President, Simon Management 'Adams has assembled the collective wisdom of countless product launches, executive interviews, and venture capital perspectives on how companies can efficiently deliver market-oriented products. His conclusions are compelling, but obvious; yet few companies actually do it.' —John Sibley Butler, Director, The Herb Kelleher Center for Entrepreneurship and The Institute for Innovation, Creativity, and Capital, The University of Texas at Austin

    ^ (2013). If You Build It Will They Come? : Three Steps to Test and Validate Any Market Opportunity ECampus. (revised Apr 2015)

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