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  • Security available on July 08 2022 from BiggerBooks for 10.89
  • Security available on September 29 2018 from Indigo for 76.9
  • ISBN bar code 9780415391764 ξ1 registered July 08 2022
  • ISBN bar code 9780415391764 ξ2 registered March 15 2015
  • Product category is Book

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Today a combination of disciplinary paradigm shifts, policy changes, and world political events have pushed security to the forefront of the criminological agenda. Distinctions between public safety and private protection, policing and security services, national and international security are being eroded. Post-9/11 the pursuit of security has been hotly debated not least because countering terrorism raises the stakes and licenses extraordinary measures. Security has become a central plank of public policy, a topical political issue, and lucrative focus of private venture but it is not without costs, problems, and paradoxes. As security governs our lives, governing security become a priority.This book provides a brief, authoritative introduction to the history of security from Hobbes to the present day and a timely guide to contemporary security politics and dilemmas. It argues that the pursuit of security poses a significant challenge for criminal justice practices and values. It defends security as public good and suggests a framework of principles by which it might better be governed. Engaging with major academic debates in criminology, law, international relations, politics, and sociology, this book stands at the vanguard of interdisciplinary writing on security.

    ^ (2015). Security BiggerBooks. (revised Jul 2022)
    ^ Security Indigo. (revised Sep 2018)

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