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Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix by Graham Salisbury (2009, Hardcover)

ISBN 9780385737029
REGISTERED: 12/21/17
UPDATED: 02/22/20
Calvin Coconut:  The Zippy Fix

Calvin Coconut needs to fix things with Stella—and fast!Stella from Texas is now officially a member of the Coconut household

  • Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix available on August 30 2018 from Indigo for 15.99
  • ISBN bar code 9780385737029 ξ3 registered July 04 2016
  • ISBN bar code 9780385737029 ξ1 registered May 11 2018
  • ISBN bar code 9780385737029 ξ2 registered August 18 2016
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978038573702
  • Product color is Graham Salisbury

As if getting a bossy babysitter isn’t bad enough for Calvin, Stella teases him mercilessly. What’s a nine-year-old boy to do? Calvin decides to “fix” her, and he dumps his neighbor’s cat Zippy on Stella’s bed, knowing she’s allergic. But when Stella breaks out in hives and misses her first big date, Calvin realizes his “zippy fix” went too far. He’s got to make it up to her, and decides to give her a birthday present. But he has no money. Along with the help of his loyal friends and little sister, Darci, Calvin works hard, and comes up with enough cash to give Stella the best birthday gift ever.Graham Salisbury’s voice perfectly captures the inner workings of Calvin’s mind, and Jacqueline Rogers’ delightful pictures add zest and humor to The Zippy Fix.

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    ^ Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix by Graham Salisbury (2009, Hardcover) (revised Dec 2017)
    ^ Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix Indigo. (revised Aug 2018)

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