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Linux Phrasebook

ISBN 9780321833884
REGISTERED: 05/18/19
UPDATED: 05/09/21

Get more done faster at the Linux command line! This best-selling Linux Phrasebook has been thoroughly updated in the second edition to reflect the newest distributions, incorporate feedback from hundreds of active Linux users, and cover today's newest tools and techniques -- including an entirely new chapter on text file manipulation

  • Linux Phrasebook available on September 12 2018 from Indigo for 36.99
  • ISBN bar code 9780321833884 ξ1 registered September 12 2018
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978032183388

Linux Phrasebook, Second Edition offers a concise, handy reference to the Linux commands that, like a language phrasebook, can be used on the spot on moment's notice. Don't waste a minute on non-essentials: this straight-to-the-point reference delivers specific information and tested commands designed to work with any modern Linux distribution. Portable enough to take anywhere, it starts with a quick introduction to essential command line concepts, and then delivers all the modern Linux command examples, variations, and parameters you need to: View, manipulate, archive, and compress files Control file ownership and permissions Find anything on your systems Efficiently use the Linux shell Monitor system resources Install software Test, fix, and work with networks Linux Phrasebook, Second Edition is the perfect quick command line reference for millions of Linux users and administrators at all levels of experience: people who want to get reliable information they can use right now -- with no distractions and no diversions! Contents at a Glance Part I: Getting Started Chapter 1 Things to Know About Your Command Line Everything Is a File Maximum Filename Lengths Names Are Case-Sensitive Special Characters to Avoid in Names Wildcards and What They Mean Special Files That Affect Your Command Line If There’s Too Much Stuff on Screen, Reset Chapter 2 Navigating Your File System List Files and Folders List the Contents of Other Folders List Folder Contents Using Wildcards View a List of Files in Subfolders View a List of Contents in a Single Column View Contents As a Comma-Separated List View Hidden Files and Folders Visually Display a File’s Type Display Contents in Color List Permissions, Ownership, and More Reverse the Order Contents Are Listed Sort Contents by Date and Time Sort Contents by Size Express File Sizes in Terms of K, M, and G Display the Path of Your Current Directory Change to a Different Directory Change to Your Home Directory Change to Your Previous Directory Chapter 3 Creation and Destruction

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