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History Of Friedrich The Second Called Frederick The Great (volume 2)

ISBN 9780217489584
REGISTERED: 10/06/17
UPDATED: 08/14/18
History Of Friedrich The Second Called Frederick The Great (volume 2)

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  • History Of Friedrich The Second Called Frederick The Great (volume 2) available on April 08 2017 from Indigo for 46.5
  • ISBN bar code 9780217489584 ξ1 registered April 08 2017
  • Product category is Thomas Carlyle History Germany European United States Americas History of Friedrich the Second Called Frederick the Great 1858 Book

  • # 978021748958

Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1858. Excerpt: ... 81st May, 1740. sides in the King that is sovereign! which, as it were, struck the breath out of the Old Dessauer, and sent him home with a painful miscellany of feelings, astonishment not wanting among them. At an after-hour the same night Friedrich went to Berlin-- met by acclamation enough. He slept there, not without tumult of dreams, one may fancy; and on awakening next morning, the first sound he heard was that of the Regiment Glasenap under his windows, swearing fealty to the new King. He sprang out of bed in a tempest of emotion; bustled distractedly to and fro, wildly weeping: Pollnitz, who came into the anteroom, found him in this state, half-dressed, with disheveled hair, in tears, and as if beside himself. These huzzahings only tell me what I have lost I said the new King. He was in great suffering, suggested Pollnitz; he is now at rest. True, he suffered; but he was here with us, and now--16 Ranke (ii., 46, 47), from certain Fragments, still in manuscript, of Pollnitz''s Memoiren. INDEX. Asm, D. Otto, cited, ii. 342 n. Academie dca Sciences of lierlin, L 2S2,474. Achard, M., it 444. Acre, Siege of, L 83. Adalbert''s. St., attempt to convert sen to ( hristianity, i. 60, 86. Adolf of Nassau, Kaiser, L 146. Agamemnon''s Sceptre, i. 1. Ablden, Castle of, i. 2 Ahlden Heritage, ii. 6T, 79. Ahlden, IHa Herzofjin vony L 27 n. Alba, L 194 Alberoni, i. 344. Albert I., Kaiser, harsh and ugly, I. 108, 109; assassinated by his nephew, 110. Albert II., KaLser, L 147, 17S. Albert Achilles, Ktirfiirst, i. 164, 165; lion- he managed the Bishop of Hauiberg, 167. Albert Alcibiades of Baireuth, i. 177 ; a kind of Failure of a Fritz, 195, 200, 214. Albert, Archbishop of Maintz, i. 17i; mem- orable Sale of Indulgences, 171; at the Diet of Augsburg, 184 Albert Frledrich, Sec...

    ^ (2012). History Of Friedrich The Second Called Frederick The Great (volume 2) Indigo. (revised Apr 2017)

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