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Debris Flow

ISBN 9780203946282
REGISTERED: 01/20/20
UPDATED: 10/28/20
Debris Flow
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Comprehensive account, treating both theoretical and applied aspects of debris flow

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The text begins with a discussion of fundamental mechanical aspects, such as flow characteristics, type classification, mechanics, occurrence and development, fully-developed flow and deposition processes. The second part of the book sheds light on the application of theory in relation to computer-simulated reproductions of real disasters. Attention is paid to debris flow controlling structures, design effectiveness and performance, soft countermeasure problems, such as identification of debris flow prone ravines and the prediction of occurrence by the concept of precipitation threshold. The qualitative and fundamental character of this book makes it an excellent textbook for graduate courses in debris flow and it is recommended reading for professionals in engineering, geosciences and water resources who are concerned with mechanics and countermeasures of debris flow. Keywords: stony debris flow, viscous debris flo, landslide induced debris flow, hazard zone mapping, grid type sabo dam.

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