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Australian Tax Casebook

ISBN 9780190304454
REGISTERED: 05/02/20
UPDATED: 10/21/20
Australian Tax Casebook

The Australian Tax Casebook covers the most important cases in Australian taxation law, dealing with income tax, fringe benefits tax, goods and services tax and many related areas

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Updated with the latest cases and changes in law, the 13th edition provides over 630 easy-to-read summaries in a clear, consistent and structured format that allows for cases to be easily compared and contrasted. Extracting the essential principles of cases, each summary presents the facts and arguments of the parties, the issues, the Tribunal’s or Court’s decision and significant quotations from the judgment. The Australian Tax Casebook is a valuable resource for both students and professionals and an excellent companion to Foundations of Taxation Law, Australian Taxation Law and the Australian Master Tax Guide.

    ^ Australian Tax Casebook VitalSource. (revised Mar 2016)

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