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Amish Adventure

ISBN 9780143168546
REGISTERED: 04/22/18
UPDATED: 10/30/20
Amish Adventure

Watch out!Ian yelled

  • Amish Adventure available on July 24 2015 from Indigo for 8.99
  • ISBN bar code 9780143168546 ξ1 registered July 24 2015
  • Product category is Book

  • # 978014316854

The car wheels screamed with skidding. Suddenly the front bumper thudded into something large and brown directly in front of the car. Ian cringed. The impact jarred him and his bones felt shaken from their sockets as the good of the Volkswagen crumpled towards the windshield. We''ve hit a horse!Jack Turner''s voice was thin and reedy. It''s a horse and buggy! Jack Turner''s reckless driving that cold, wet night was to have eventful consequences for Ian McDonald. It brought him into contact with the Amish—a gentle, peaceful people who farmed their land in the traditional way— and made him realize the dangers and difficulties they faced. When disastrous news came for them, Ian was determined to stay to help—but his family had other plans...

    ^ Amish Adventure Indigo. (revised Jul 2015)

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