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Discovering the Humanities by Henry M. Sayre (2014, Paperback)

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  • Discovering The Humanities available on September 08 2017 from Indigo for 189.95
  • Discovering the Humanities (3rd Edition) available on August 27 2017 from Amazon for 124.99
  • ISBN bar code 9780133877700 ξ1 registered August 15 2017
  • ISBN bar code 9780133877700 ξ2 registered August 23 2017
  • ISBN bar code 9780133877700 ξ3 registered February 17 2017
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Pearson

  • # 978013387770

  • Product weight is 3.8 lbs.
If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MyArtsLab, search for ISBN-10: 0134127129 / ISBN-13: 9780134127125. That package includes ISBN-10: 0133877701 / ISBN-13: 9780133877700 and ISBN-10: 0133976017 / ISBN-13: 9780133976014. MyArtsLab should only be purchased when required by an instructor. For courses in Introduction to the Humanities See context and make connections across the humanities Throughout Discovering the Humanities, Third Edition, author Henry Sayre employs a storytelling approach that helps students see context and make connections across the humanities. Believing that people learn best by remembering stories rather than memorizing facts, Sayre weaves a compelling narrative of multifaceted cultural experiences that will resonate with students — throughout the course and beyond. By showing how cultures influence one another, and how ideas are exchanged and evolve over time, Discovering the Humanities helps students understand the cultural interplay that has shaped human thinking and creativity throughout our history. Also available with MyArtsLab® MyArtsLab for the Introduction to Humanities course extends learning online, engaging students and improving results. Media resources with assignments bring concepts to life, and offer students opportunities to practice applying what they’ve learned. And the Writing Space helps educators develop and assess concept mastery and critical thinking through writing, quickly and easily. Please note: this version of MyArtsLab does not include an eText. Discovering the Humanities, Third Edition is also available via REVEL™, an immersive learning experience designed for the way today's students read, think, and learn.

    ^ Discovering the Humanities by Henry M. Sayre (2014, Paperback) (revised May 2020)
    ^ Discovering The Humanities Indigo. (revised Sep 2017)
    ^ Discovering the Humanities (3rd Edition), Pearson. Amazon. (revised Aug 2017)

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I currently using this for an intro to Humanities class and it is an excellent resource and easy to understand. I just might keep this one because I like the approach of the author and his balanced perspective.
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I choose this rating because the book is good. What I like about the book is that it tells the stories and captures the voices that have shaped and influenced human thinking and creativity. What I dislike about the book is that it had a lot of pages to read. I would recommend this book to other people.
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