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Database Concepts

ISBN 9780133544626
REGISTERED: 05/21/18
UPDATED: 02/21/20
Database Concepts

For undergraduate database management students or business professionals Here’s practical help for understanding, creating, and managing small databases—from two of the world’s leading database authorities

  • Database Concepts available on June 25 2015 from Indigo for 132.75
  • ISBN bar code 9780133544626 ξ1 registered February 15 2015
  • ISBN bar code 9780133544626 ξ2 registered June 25 2015
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Database Concepts by David Kroenke and David Auer gives undergraduate database management students and business professionals alike a firm understanding of the concepts behind the software, using Access 2013 to illustrate the concepts and techniques. Three projects run throughout the text, to show students how to apply the concepts to real-life business situations. The text provides flexibility for choosing the software instructors want to use in class; allows students to work with new, complete databases, including Wedgewood Pacific Corporation, Heather Sweeney Designs, and Wallingford Motors; and includes coverage for some of the latest information on databases available. Teaching and Learning Experience This text will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. Here's how: Provides a firm understanding of the concepts behind the software Uses Access 2013 to illustrate the concepts and techniques while also providing flexibility to choose the software used in class Allows students to work with new, complete databases Includes coverage of some of the latest information available

    ^ Database Concepts by David M. Kroenke and David J. Auer (2014, Paperback) (revised May 2018)
    ^ Database Concepts Indigo. (revised Jun 2015)

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