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Digital Fundamentals

ISBN 9780130942005
REGISTERED: 03/27/18
UPDATED: 01/26/20
Digital Fundamentals

This is the eighth edition of Digital Fundamentals.As with previous editions, it provides comprehensive coverage in a clear, straightforward, and well-illustrated format

  • Digital Fundamentals available on August 30 2015 from Indigo for 136.95
    • ISBN bar code 9780130942005 ξ1 registered August 30 2015
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    Many topics have been strengthened or enhanced, and numerous improvements can be found throughout the book. This edition further reflects the shift from fixed-function logic devices to programmable logic devices (PLDs) by introducing programmable logic in Chapter 1 and continuing with a complete section in many chapters devoted to the topic of PLDs. As before, the programming of PLDs using the ABEL hardware description language is covered in two chapters. A new chapter on digital signal processing has been added. Also, a new text design and layout enhance the text''s appearance and usability. You will probably find more topics in this text than you can cover in a single course. This range of topics provides the flexibility to accommodate a variety of program requirements. For example, some of the design-oriented or system application topics may not be appropriate in some courses. Other programs may not cover PLDs or ABEL, while some may not have time to discuss microprocessors or digital signal processing. Also, there are programs that may not need to delve into the details of inside-the-chip circuitry. These and other topics can be omitted or covered lightly without affecting the coverage of the fundamental topics. A background in transistor circuits is not a prerequisite for this textbook. New Features and Improvements Programmable logic devices (PLDs) are covered early in the text, beginning with an introduction in Chapter 1. CPLDs and FPGAs are introduced. An entire chapter is devoted to digital signal processing. EWB and Multisim circuit files on CD-ROM simulate many of the logic circuits that are illustrated in the text. These are indicated by the CD logo. Multisim files in addition to the EWB files are now included for the troubleshooting problems at the end of most chapters. These are indicated by the CD logo. Coverage of specific fixed-function logic devices and specific PLDs is set apart graphically in the text. Margin notes provide information in a very condensed form. Key terms are listed in each chapter opener. Within the chapter, the key terms are highlighted in boldface color. Each key term is defined at the end of the chapter, as well as at the end of the book in the comprehensive glossary along with other glossary terms. Error detection and correction codes are covered in Appendix B. Answer reminders are used to remind the student where to find the answers to the various exercises and problems throughout each chapter. Additional Features Full-color format Chapter 15 is designed as a floating chapter to provide optional coverage of IC technology (inside-the-chip circuitry) at any point in your course. Overview and objectives in each chapter opener. Introduction and objectives at the beginning of each section within a chapter. Review questions and exercises at the end of each section in a chapter. Related Problem in each worked example. Computer Notes interspersed throughout to provide interesting information about computer technology as it relates to the text coverage. Hands-On Tips interspersed throughout to provide useful and practical information. Digital System Application feature at the end of many chapters. Chapter summaries. Multiple choice self-test at the end of each chapter. Extensive sectionalized problem sets at the end of each chapter. Comprehensive glossary at the end of the book. A selection of device data sheets in Appendix A.

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