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Shooting Incident Reconstruction

ISBN 9780123822420
REGISTERED: 12/09/17
UPDATED: 06/19/21
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It is also important to note that the Griess Test, unlike the bullet metal tests described in Chapter 5, is carried out only once. Any nitrites present are converted into nitrous acid and rapidly react with the chemicals in the test paper to form colored ...

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Forensic scientists, law enforcement, and crime scene investigators are often tasked with reconstruction of events based on crime scene evidence, and the subsequent analysis of that evidence. The use and misuse of firearms to perpetrate crimes from theft to murder necessitates numerous invitations to reconstruct shooting incidents. The discharge of firearms and the behavior of projectiles create many forms of physical evidence that, through proper testing and interpretation by a skilled forensic scientist, can establish what did and what did not occur. This book is generated from the authors' numerous years of conducting courses and seminars on the subject of shooting incident reconstruction. It seeks to thoroughly address matters from simple to complex in providing the reader an explanation of the factors surrounding ballistics, trajectory, and shooting scenes. The ultimate objectives of this unique book are to assist investigators, crime scene analysts, pathologists, ballistics experts, and lawyers to understand the terminology, science, and factors involved in reconstructing shooting incident events to solve forensic cases. The book will cover the full range of related topics including the range from which a firearm was discharged, the sequence of shots in a multiple discharge shooting incident, the position of a firearm at the moment of discharge, the position of a victim at the moment of impact, the probable flight path of a projectile, the manner in which a firearm was discharged and much more. - Written by the most well-respected shooting scene and ballistics experts in the world - Contains over 200 full-color diagrams and photographs that support and illustrate key concepts - Case studies illustrate real-world application of technical concepts

    ^ (2011). Shooting Incident Reconstruction (revised Oct 2015)

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