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Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Volume 1

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Harper Design Intl 9780062267757

  • Harper Design Intl 9780062267757 available on August 13 2018 from NeweggBusiness for Https://" itemprop="offers" target="_external" title="" itemscope itemtype="">18.49
  • Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Volume 1 available on September 30 2015 from Amazon for 8.81
  • ISBN bar code 9780062267757 ξ1 registered May 06 2018
  • ISBN bar code 9780062267757 ξ2 registered September 30 2015
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Harper Design

  • # 9SIV0UN4FF6894

  • Product weight is 0.85 lbs.
Bongo raises the bar with the premier volume of its brand new Simpsons Comics trade series Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium: Volume 1.The Simpsons notoriety will be hard to keep under wraps with this brand new collection of comic stories that will catapult them once again onto the world stage. This new series, Colossal Compendium, will maintain the same recognizable series name throughout its run. Each volume will also have a unique name and volume number. Each collection will have a minimum of 5 comics, chosen carefully and specifically because the comics work together to provide a deeper, darker meaning than each on its own.Each new volume boasts upgraded heavier paper, and increased page count to 176 pages and includes a unique and collectible paper craft. As the series progresses, fans will be able to assemble their own three-dimensional version of the city of Springfield and usher in a paper paradise! Volume 1 kicks it off with a replica of Moe’s Tavern. The series will also feature artwork on the spine that creates an image of the Simpsons family when the volumes are aligned on the book shelf. The series will ultimately encapsulate Simpsons Comics issues #106 - #199.It is all the Simpsons Comics fun that fans have come to expect wrapped in an invigorating new package.

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    ^ (2013). Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Volume 1, Harper Design. Amazon. (revised Sep 2015)

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