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The Monkey Wrench Gang (P.S.)

ISBN 9780061129766
REGISTERED: 05/01/20
UPDATED: 10/27/20
The Monkey Wrench Gang (P.S.)
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The Monkey Wrench Gang (P.S.)

  • The Monkey Wrench Gang (P.S.) available on November 15 2014 from Amazon for $8.16
  • ISBN bar code 9780061129766 ξ2 registered November 15 2014
  • ISBN bar code 9780061129766 ξ1 registered June 05 2012
  • Product category is Book
  • Manufacturered by Harper Perennial

  • # 2151434699

  • Product weight is 0.79 lbs.

    ^ (2012). Monkey Wrench Gang (revised Nov 2013)
    ^ (2006). The Monkey Wrench Gang (P.S.), Harper Perennial. Amazon. (revised Nov 2014)

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...which many can't do. Abbey is a fiercely skillful writer who can punch you right in the mouth with words when he wants to. This is a very unconventional novel, with writing and characterization that border on the surreal, but Abbey knows his craft. The Dream Garden Press edition has a chapter he was forced to leave out of the trade edition, and it borders on the nightmarish. He is unflinching in his criticisms and unyielding in his devotions, and The Monkey Wrench Gang is a wonderful novel. I re..
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This is the first fiction by Abbey that I've read. That it almost reads like a true story largely stems from the keen sense and accurate knowledge of Colorado Plateau geography that Abbey had. His description of the gnarled and surreal landscape---and the interplay of light, sky, and rock---especially of the Canyonlands area of Utah, is so vivid that it harks back to his compulsively readable nonfiction work in "Abbey's Road", "Down the River", "One Life at a Time, Please", and the like. Readers who..
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Edward Abbey (1927-1989) is a touchstone for anyone involved in the radical environmental movement. Abbey, who looks like the product of a union between William James and John Muir, churned out numerous books and essays concerning the American Southwest and its wondrous natural beauty. His best known work is this novel, "The Monkey Wrench Gang," a fictional tale about four nature lovers who decide to wage relentless war against America's manic desire to spread the industrial system into every corner of the ..
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