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Coopers PET Bottles - 15 Pk

EAN 9310441001445
REGISTERED: 04/05/19
UPDATED: 10/30/20
Coopers PET Bottles - 15 Pk
Coopers PET Bottles - 15 Pk

  • Coopers PET Bottles - 15 Pk available on December 20 2014 from Amazon for $23.99
  • EAN bar code 9310441001445 ξ1 registered December 20 2014
  • Product category is Pet
  • Manufacturered by

  • Coopers PET bottles hold 740ml (25 ounces) * Sold in packs of 15 * Each pack will bottle 3 gallons of beer * Reusable, lightweight and shatterproof * Includes package of 15 caps

    ^ Coopers PET Bottles - 15 Pk, Amazon. (revised Dec 2014)

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We like to brew beer to store in our underground bunker for the coming apocalypse. These bottles are exactly as described. Imagine my joy when I unboxed a product that exceeded my expectations for quality and ease of use. This product is fantastic.
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For those of you that are constantly reusing your bottles or make as much beer as I do, you definitely want to change to these. Bottling is easy and so far, no exploding bottles. The last batch I bottled was 9.8% by volume. It literally blew the bung and hydrolock across the room from the ammount of active fermentation. Even still, no bottles burst. The other handy thing is if friends take a bottle or two home, they are definitely unique so they remember to return them to me. The size is perfect. Any..
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I brew beer in 5-6 gallon batches which yields approximately 55 12-ounce bottles. Bottles are easy enough to come by: drink up a couple of cases of non-screw-cap beer and save the bottles; metal caps are readily available. What I find tedious is capping. One can purchase flip-cap bottles ($160 for 55); caps for one's saved bottles ($1.25 for 55) plus a capper ($13-150); or plastic bottles/caps ($30 for 30 25-ounce bottles).The turn off for me is capping: capping 55 reusable glass bottles with metal caps is ..
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