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EAN 9006113000518
REGISTERED: 10/08/17
UPDATED: 08/24/19

Torchlight (Mac/PC DVD)

  • Torchlight (Mac/PC DVD) available on August 11 2019 from Amazon for 8.34
  • EAN bar code 9006113000518 ξ1 registered August 11 2019
  • Product category is Pet
  • Manufacturered by THQ Nordic

EXCITEMENT - Adventure, combat, quests, and increasingly powerful items and bosses await within Torchlight! RANDOMIZATION - Unique tilesets that spawn random dungeons, monsters, and loot bosses - every adventure is a fresh challenge! RETIREMENT - Beat the game and achieve the 100-level cap to retire your character - enchant and pass on a special perk, to play again as your descendant! PETS - Your pet journeys with you, fi ghts by your side, learns spells, and carries extra loot or sells it for you! EDITOR - Create and design your very own content and share it online! Break through the mines of Torchlight and into the buried past: a labyrinth of caverns, twisted creatures and ruined civilizations. Choose to face evil as one of 3 different heroes: The Destroyer is able to channel the power of his ancestors and is a master in melee combat. The Alchemist relies on the power of Ember for his magical art. And fi nally the Vanquisher, an expert marksman trained by an ancient, mysterious order. The flow of Ember and the shadows beneath Torchlight will test your skills and conviction to the fullest!

    ^ (2012). Torchlight (Mac/PC DVD), Thq Nordic. Amazon. (revised Aug 2019)

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