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Alex and Ani "Numerology" Number Seven, Expandable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet

UPC 886787100788
REGISTERED: 11/25/19
UPDATED: 08/08/20
Alex and Ani
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Alex and Ani "Numerology" Number Seven, Expandable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet

  • Alex and Ani "Numerology" Number Seven, Expandable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet available on November 14 2019 from Amazon for 24.00
  • UPC bar code 886787100788 ξ1 registered November 14 2019
  • Product category is Outdoor
  • Manufacturered by Alex and Ani
  • A15EB77RS

  • Product color is Rafaelian Silver

  • Product weight is 0.004 lbs.
Charm: 1.1"H x 1"W Signature Expandable Wire Bangle in Rafaelian Silver Finish features the number Seven. Representing Mystical, Wisdom and Divinity. Made in USA Mystical | Wisdom | DivinityBeing the number associated with spirituality and the mystical, the number Seven is the most unique. Those who embody this soul number are analytical and scholarly in nature. They hunt for the truth around every corner and often practice self-reflection to strengthen their wisdom. One may often find these wonderful individuals basking in the peace of the outdoors as nature breathes its life into their souls. Crafted in Rafaelian Silver finish, this Alex and Ani Number 7 charm bangle is adjustable from 2 to 3.5 inches in diameter. The Number 7 charm measures 1 inch in diameter. Pair with other Alex and Ani pieces to tell your own, personal story.Numerology is an ancient study that attributes numbers to important names and dates in order to divine higher meanings. Find your own soul or master number by adding all the vowels in your full name with the instructions below. If your name changes, your soul or master number may change, as you will be embarking on a new path in your life.A = 1E = 5I = 9O = 6U = 3Once you have added your vowels together, add the digits in that number together until you have either a single digit OR 11, 22, or 33. For example, Jane Marie Doe: 1 5 1 9 5 6 5 = 32. Then, 3 2 = 5. In this example, Jane's soul number is 5!Alex and Ani Style #: A15EB77RS

    ^ Alex and Ani "Numerology" Number Seven, Expandable Wire Bangle Charm Bracelet, Alex And Ani. Amazon. (revised Nov 2019)

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