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Whistler XTR-145 Laser Radar Detector with Icon Display and Tone Alerts

UPC 885417246995
REGISTERED: 03/28/18
UPDATED: 01/27/21
Whistler XTR-145 Laser Radar Detector with Icon Display and Tone Alerts

Whistler XTR-145 Laser Radar Detector with Icon Display and Tone Alerts

  • Whistler XTR-145 Laser Radar Detector with Icon Display and Tone Alerts available on August 31 2017 from Amazon for 44.81
  • UPC bar code 885417246995 ξ1 registered November 12 2015
  • Product category is Audio
  • Manufacturered by Whistler
  • XTR-145

  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 0.34 lbs.
Total Band Protection Icon Display Exclusive Low Profile Periscopes 360° Maxx Coverage Alert Priority Radar/Laser detector provides 360-degree alerts for all radar and laser signals Patented VG-2 cloaking technology makes you invisible to radar detector detectors Brilliant icon display indicates power, city mode, radar band identification, and signal strength 3 City Modes and Highway Mode for reducing false alerts One-year warranty The xtr-145:total band protectionicon displayexclusive low profile periscopes360° maxx coverage 3 city modes/highway modehigh gain lenstone alertsquiet/auto quiet modesalert priorityvehicle battery saverpatented vg-2 cloaking technologyincluded accessories: - power cord - windshield mount Whistler's XTR-145 is an affordable, full-featured laser/radar detector. With total band protection from radar signals, 360-degree laser detection, Whistler's patented VG-2 cloaking technology, and plenty more, you'll get an effective detector that doesn't break the bank.
Effective detection that doesn't break the bank. Click to enlarge.
4.41 x 2.84 x 1.35 inches and just 5.4 ounces.
This unit features Whistler's low-profile "alert periscope" LEDs that flash when the unit alarms.
Total Band Protection Provides Complete Band Coverage of all Laser, Radar (X, K, and Ka bands), VG-2, and Safety Radar bands. Icon Display The XTR-145's bright icon display offers easy-to-read display to indicate power, city mode, radar band identification, and signal strength. 360 Degree Protection Units with 360 protection detect signals from all radar, laser, VG-2 and safety radar systems wherever they come from; front, rear or from the side. VG-2 Cloaking The VG-2, also known as a "radar detector detector," is a special receiver used by police to detect signals radiated by a radar detector. Thanks to Whistler's patented VG-2 cloaking technology, your detector will remain invisible to VG-2 detection. 3 City Modes/Highway Mode Highway mode provides full audio and visual warning of laser/radar systems while maintaining full sensitivity, and is the default setting of Whistler laser/radar detectors. City mode helps reduce the annoyance of automatic door openers and burglar alarm alerts by providing an initial alert (same distance as Highway Mode) then remaining quiet unless the signal strength becomes very strong. When the signal increases the unit will alert briefly to notify you of the change in signal strength. Quiet/Auto Quiet Modes Pressing QUIET before a signal is detected engages Auto Quiet Mode, which automatically reduces the audio level after the initial warning to a low audio level setting. Pressing QUIET during a radar/laser encounter silences audio alerts, while allowing visual alerts to keep you informed. Vehicle Battery Saver Mode The Vehicle Battery Saver Mode automatically shuts off your detector within 3 hours if you forget to turn it off. The timer is reset if the detector is turned off, unplugged or any button is pressed before the 6 hours have expired. The detector will alert you with an audible and visual warning before it shuts off. Alert Priority When two or more signals are received at the same time, the alert priority is: Laser, VG-2, Speed Radar, Safety Radar. Example: If X band is alerting, then suddenly a VG-2 signal is detected, the VG-2 warning will override the X band alert. Twin Alert Periscopes Whistler's Low Profile Alert Periscopes provide an added attention getting visual alert. The two extra LEDs flash on and off when the unit alarms to provide a unique visual alert. What's in the Box Whistler XTR-145 Radar/Laser Detector, Windshield Mount, Power Cord, User's Manual

    ^ Whistler XTR-145 Laser Radar Detector with Icon Display and Tone Alerts, Whistler. Amazon. (revised Aug 2017)

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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

5.0 out of 5 stars
bought this for my husband for his new truck. it's very simple to use and the price was great. I bought one 3 years ago when I bought my new Speed3. It's saved me many times. Can't beat the price.
( )
Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

I had an earlier model that the speaker went bad on and replaced with this similar model. Instead of using the window mount I picked up a "sticky" mount to go over the dash in front of the driver. I use the detector solely for purposes of avoiding speed traps, not to speed. It is so easy to miss a change of speed in my city and when the detector goes off it reminds me to watch what I am doing. I do have to be careful travel..
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