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Dungeon Siege 2 - PC

UPC 882224008440
REGISTERED: 08/01/18
UPDATED: 11/12/19
Dungeon Siege 2 - PC

  • Dungeon Siege 2 - PC available on March 22 2014 from Amazon for 24.98
  • UPC bar code 882224008440 ξ1 registered October 21 2013
  • UPC bar code 882224008440 ξ2 registered March 22 2014
  • Product category is Electronic
  • Manufacturered by Microsoft

Lead an elite battle party against a vicious marauder in this RPG Choose up to 6 battle comrades; each class with unique heroic powers Powerful and unusual allies; exotic creatures with special abilities Challenging opponents; cinematic storytelling; interactive world Online multi-party gaming for cooperative or competitive gameplay Dungeon Siege II takes you back to the land of Ehb, to vanquish a new menace. A thousand years ago, magic spread across the land after an apocalyptic battle between the armies of two gods. The powers of magic spread to every corner of the world, flowing through any who could command them. These energies have started to wane, as a new heir beckons from the Plain of Tears -- the site of that original battle. Each day, his strength grows and he destroys those who do not submit to him. With none to oppose his ascendance, an age of darkness awaits mankind, unless you raise a party with the skills & powers to defeat him. Jaw-dropping special effects create an amazing environment & atmosphere, dazzling spell effects and an immersive gaming experience Dungeon Siege II introduces a new Flick authoring system, keeping players in the game world with adventures that evolve with players, as quests & missions are completed

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