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Nanogen Hair Building Fiber, Medium Brown 30 Grams

UPC 881355108913
REGISTERED: 07/31/18
UPDATED: 09/19/20
Nanogen Hair Building Fiber, Medium Brown 30 Grams
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Nanogen Hair Building Fiber, Medium Brown 30 Grams

  • Nanogen Hair Building Fiber, Medium Brown 30 Grams available on August 04 2016 from Amazon for 54.97
  • UPC bar code 881355108913 ξ1 registered August 04 2016
  • Product category is Apparel Hair
  • Manufacturered by Nanogen

  • Product color is Medium Brown

Nanofibres are applied quickly and without mess by simply shaking over thinning hair Nanofibres bond to your hair so securely they will stay in place all day and will not stain or smear Nanofibers will even resist strong winds rain and swimming when combined with Locking Mist Plus They are completely natural and they will not damage your hair or scalp Charged with static electricity they bond to your own hair Each individual keratin fiber is coated with a patent pending electrostatic coating. It is this coating that means Nanofibers dipolar charged. Dipolar charging is unique to Nanofibers, and means they bind perpendicularly to the hair, so every fiber thickens your natural hair as much as possible. Dipolar charged fibres are also better because they bind to hair even in high humidity or after some conditioners that change the charge of hair. The independent test report also shows only Nanofibers have significant perpendicular binding, for unique real hair density.

    ^ Nanogen Hair Building Fiber, Medium Brown 30 Grams, Nanogen. Amazon. (revised Aug 2016)

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I am blown away at how well this product works. Be a little careful if it is raining, but otherwise, this product is unreal. It takes 10 years off my age in seconds. With a little shot of hairspray on top of it, it easily stays in place all day.I tried other products before Nanogen. The other products were basically just sprinkling powder on top of my head! They left my scalp irritated, and even seemed to accelerate my hair loss. When I tried thi..
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