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IOGEAR Kaliber MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GKB710L)

IOGEAR Kaliber MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GKB710L)

  • IOGEAR Kaliber MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GKB710L) available on March 19 2018 from Amazon for 46.56
  • Iogear Kaliber Gaming Mechlite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cable Connectivity - Usb 3.0 Interface - 104 Key - Qwerty Keys Layout - Mechanical Gkb710l available on March 10 2018 from TechForLess for 37.97
  • UPC bar code 881317513618 ξ1 registered March 19 2018
  • UPC bar code 881317513618 ξ2 registered January 27 2018
  • Product category is Software
  • Manufacturered by IOGEAR
  • GKB710L
  • # GKB710L
  • Product color is Black

  • Product weight is 2.67 lbs.
Mechanical key switches provide the fastest response and best tactile feel. 5 programmable macro keys with up to 32 characters each. Blue-style 50-million cycle switches with 'click' style feedback. Anti-Ghosting keys with full N-Key Rollover so you never miss a keystroke. Blue LED backlight with adjustable brightness. 7 LED backlight patterns. W-A-S-D key functions swappable with arrow keys for MMO gamers Windows key lockout prevents accidental pop-ups while gaming Windows key lockout prevents accidental pop-ups while gaming Laser cut key illumination with matte finish keys provides resistance to natural finger oils. Braided USB cable jacket Heavy weight keyboard base for added stability when typing or gaming Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Kaliber Gaming's MECHLITE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard combines the exceptional feel and response of mechanical key switches with the must-have features gamers demand most. The MECHLITE is first and foremost a professional level keyboard, with a fully mechanical design that was previously out of reach for most gamers. Even with the high cost of mechanical key switches, Kaliber Gaming has still managed to add LED backlight with adjustable brightness and a host of other features for a price that won't break the bank. The MECHLITE's blue style mechanical keys provide a slightly resistive feel and a 'clicky' sound, giving gamers that assurance of positive engagement. Add all 104 anti-ghosting keys with full N-Key Roll Over, 5 macro enabled keys, Windows; key lockout, WASD/arrow key swap, plus customizable 7-pattern LED backlighting and you are ready to start toasting the competition! Full Mechanical Keys The MECHLITE features fully mechanical keys using Kailh blue switches. These keys deliver a positive 'click' engagement and do not require a full range stroke for proper registration. Now you can game faster and with less hand fatigue than ever before! All NKRO / Anti-Ghosting Keys The MECHLITE features a complete Anti-Ghosting design which is more accurately referred to as full N-Key Rollover (NKRO), and ensures that every keystroke in every key combination will be registered. MECHLITE helps you play with confidence knowing your keyboard won't hold you back! Macro Keys MECHLITE's five programmable buttons can be used to execute a series of keystrokes with only a single press. These are great in-game tools for casting spells, etc. but they can also be used to simplify your life outside of gaming. You can use them for simple text shortcuts like entering passwords or email addresses, or you can trigger multi-key commands to move windows between monitors in Windows 7, and other handy tricks. Premium Gaming Features The MECHLITE has a Windows key lock function to prevent accidentally entering menus while gaming, and an All-Key lock that prevents unwanted keystrokes when you have to make a run to the fridge. For left-handed gamers, the W, A, S, D and arrow key functions can be swapped so that both hands can be at an optimal gaming position. The heavy weighted base of the keyboard also increases stability while gaming, to prevent slippage. LED Backlit Keys with 7 Lighting Patterns The MECHLITE Gaming Keyboard offers a choice of seven different LED lighting patterns that act like a moving light show for when it's time to add a little 'cool factor' to your gaming experience. Pair It With Keymander To Destroy The Competition Are you a console gamer? Did you know that instead of the joystick controllers you can use a keyboard and mouse with most games by connecting through a mouse & keyboard adapter like IOGEAR’s Keymander? Using the MECHLITE with Keymander offers a gaming experience on your PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 that simply cannot be matched with a standard controller. Precision aiming, faster targeting and easier movement while shooting are just a few of the reasons computer gamers have always had an advantage over console gamers.

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    ^ Iogear Kaliber Gaming Mechlite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cable Connectivity - Usb 3.0 Interface - 104 Key - Qwerty Keys Layout - Mechanical Gkb710l, IOGEAR. TechForLess. (revised Mar 2018)

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